approached me to work on his debut album's art cover.
Corey Ponder, the artist behind dotponder, told me to listen to the album and let it inspire me. 😳
Needing more design constraints, I interviewed Corey about the meaning and significance behind each song. As he spoke with such passion and clarity, I realized his album, Part / Whole,  tells the story of coming into who he is as an artist, as a black man in America, as a 30s-something in a youth-obsessed culture, and as his father's son. 
Working with Corey, we reordered the songs on his album to better tell that story, and I pitched the concept of what would lead to the album art cover: What if the "dot" in "dotponder" went on a journey throughout the album, morphing and changing with the meaning behind each song?​​​​​​​
For the final art, I selected the color palette, the typeface, created a digital illustration for each of the nine songs in addition to the album's cover, and mocked up merch options. A band gotta have merch.
Gabrielle's creativity and artistry in conveying stories and concepts have caught my eye on several occasions; as I worked on this album, I knew I wanted to work with her.  
I approached her with my unmastered album tracks and went on a journey with her.  She not only thoughtfully put a visual story to my songs, but did so in a way that conveyed a sense of depth and connection to the story my album was telling in a way that even I hadn't fully landed in.  From there, she produced elements that not only helped me with this album but define who I want to be visually as an artist.  
Giving life to the "dot" in my name .ponder was a stroke of genius that will definitely become its own calling card.  I truly enjoyed the journey and the end product.  Working with Gabrielle was an inspiration, and her art will no doubt help me connect with listeners of my music on a deeper level. 
- Corey Ponder aka dotponder
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