Some microcopy for a brand with macro ambition.
FidoCure is a startup led by scientists and pet parents with the audacious goal of eradicating canine cancer. When they approached me, they had hundreds of success stories under their belt, a growing fan base of vets, oncologists, and pet parents, and they were ready to elevate their brand. I worked with a team of two other designers - Silas Reeves and Tricia Choi - leading the user research, strategy, and copywriting for FidoCure’s branding redesign.
FidoCure has two customers: the vets and oncologists who administer their innovative medicine and the pet parents who have the ultimate say on which cancer treatment they want to give their fur babies. Before our engagement, the small team of scientists at FidoCure focused their messaging on convincing vets and oncologists of the science behind their product.
Phase 1 kicked off with research. I led competitive analysis, brand positioning, and qualitative interviews with six pet parents, vets, and pet oncologists.
Our research showed that the majority of pet parents - FidoCure’s end customers - are millennials. I developed the copy for an ad campaign targeting millennial pet parents to raise brand awareness. We developed separate - though still on-brand - messaging, color palettes, and brand assets for the show-me-the-science vets and pet oncologists. 
The copy aligned the team on a strategy that addressed their different customers differently and served as a foundation for the tone of the public-facing brand.
Gabrielle and the rest of the Pendulum team did an outstanding job on the FidoCure brand. Gabrielle was able to get inside the heads and hearts of our vets and pet parents, to understand their hopes and fears. They dug in to understand the mission and values of the company. From that deep understanding, they pulled together a standout brand. It's so much more than a wordmark and logo, the FIdoCure brand defines how we interact with the world. We were blessed to be able to work with Gabrielle.
- Melissa Miranda, Head of Product
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