Moxxly Flow User Manual
Product instructions for an FDA-regulated consumer device.
Before writing the care and assembly instructions, I observed six people unfamiliar with the product put the Moxxly Flow together. I captured their actions and broke them down into clear steps. With the first draft of instructions, I had a new set of testers assemble the Flow following the instructions I wrote, taking note of confusion or divergence. I worked closely with our regulatory consultant to ensure FDA compliance throughout the writing and quality verification processes. After a few of these instruction iterations, every person successfully assembled and used the Flow kit on their first attempt. 
In addition to the Moxxly team, Rory Carrillo was our regulatory consultant, Carolyn Li-Madeo contributed significantly to the user manual's illustrations, Play Studio designed the cover graphics and typography, and Green was our printing partner. We tested the user manual's clarity with dozens of women. Thank you.
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