Gabrielle is an abstract visual artist whose minimal works on paper and raw canvas come to life through layered acrylic washes, collage, and intuitive mark-making. The titles of her paintings often incorporate poetry, reflecting her inspiration from color, bodies of water, and the interaction of materials.

Gabrielle's transition into art began after an extensive design and user research career. With over a decade of experience as a user experience designer, Gabrielle is known for her creative approach to insights-driven, equity-focused design projects in healthcare, consumer products, and technology. In 2014, she co-founded Moxxly, where she designed a discreet, hands-free breast pump for busy new parents. For the next five years, she led a team developing direct-to-consumer products, resulting in a successful exit. Post-Moxxly, Gabrielle applied her wellness design expertise to various healthcare and consumer product projects for startups, governments, private foundations, and consulting firms. An inspiring two-year journey through museums and art communities in Europe, South America, and Japan rekindled her passion for art.

Now in New York, Gabrielle is leveraging her user research, product development, and user experience background with visual art and neuroaesthetics to further advance wellness through art and color. Her paintings hang in private collections in New York, California, Texas, and Canada.