My current approach to art and design began during my MFA studies in the Stanford Product Design Graduate Program. There, I learned — by way of experimentation and problem framing — how to create products through functional, aesthetic, and emotional considerations. By interviewing users, observing human interactions, identifying patterns, and appreciating a material's qualities, I designed physical products, experiences, apps, systems, services, and community spaces during my graduate studies and my first career as a designer and user researcher.
Today, I remain partial to objects and their ability to establish an emotional connection with their audience or user. The experiments on this page are core to my point of view as an artist and designer. The colors, materials, and objects we surround ourselves with matter. They reflect who we are, what we value, and what we desire. They have the power to support us, delight us, and aid us in our healing. They are our connection to the material world. It is through them that we relate to each other and ourselves.